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  • 29. - 30.08.2024
  • 21. - 22.11.2024
  • 19. - 20.12.2024


  • 13.09.2024
  • 25.10.2024


We offer training courses for lift components including theoretical and practical contents in our house since more than two decades. Theoretical introduction into hydraulic lift systems are combined with practical units at mechanical, regulated and VVF valve blocks. Changing sealings on one- and more-stage cylinders and practices for quick assembly of splitted cylinders fulfill our in-house training courses. For bookings and more information please contact Mr Lutz.


Mr Bodo Lutz

Training course location

Eltviller Strasse 5
D-65399 Kiedrich

Training course fees

200 € per person and day (for customers reduced fees of 150 € apply per person and day)

Training course programme (Splitted in two days)

Theoretical part

  • Structure and mode of operation as well as assembly and sealing of one- and more-stage cylinders (Day 1)
  • Function, structure and setting of the valve block AZSTB (Day 1)
  • Function, structure and setting of the lift regulation system AZRS (Day 2)

Practical part

  • Switching sealings on cylinders and assembly of a splitted cylinder (Day 1)
  • Default settings, optimization of the driving curve and error searching at the lift regulation system AZRS (Day 2)

Training course programme VVVF AZFR

Theoretical part

  • Basic operation of the ALGI VVVF system
  • Presentation of the components of the ALGI VVVF system
  • Default setting and optimization of the system

Practical part

  • Default settings and optimizations of the system
  • Settings and carrying out the TÜV test